The Truth About Social Work

My first book, The Truth About Social Work, is the fastest selling ever debut by a social worker. This Amazon best seller contains twenty real life stories from people on the frontline of social work who share what it means to be a social worker in the 21st Century.

You can order the book through Amazon and large bookshops such as Waterstones. If you’d like a signed copy, drop me an email and I’ll happily send one your way.

Reviews for The Truth About Social Work

All the books that are written about the profession this is the first one which tells it as it is warts and all. The experiences given give hope and drive for the social workers trying to maintain a balance between legislation, policy and the people’s lives we hold in our hands.

The system is broken. The people are broken. Revolutionary change needed
The strength of this book relies on the stories gathered. Hand-wringing over Brexit? Read this, and understand how dire things are and see that this time of politics being in a state of flux offers a one time opportunity to change.

Just an absolutely amazing reflection of true, real life Social Work. A motivator for us all to look on the bright side and continue putting our efforts in to support those vulnerable people who need our help. It gives a sense of togetherness and makes us feel that we are not alone in the dark thoughts and mistreatment’s we are experiencing as workers.

Excellent read a must have for all social workers , managers and senior leadership team. My partner has been reading it too it has given him a different perspective on my work.

The book was for my daughter who is training to be a Social Worker. She has found it very interesting and fascinating.

One of the best books I’ve read recently. As a practising Social Worker It was a brilliant read.

Amazing book true and to the point. Love the book so honest and open on different aspects from the lives of different people. Well recommended. Once you start you don’t want to put it down!


50 States of Social Work: A Social Work journey across America

I’m crossing the Atlantic for my next book and taking a social work journey across the United States of America.

From Alaska to Arkansas, and from California to Colorado, I’m talking to people from all 50 states to find out what life’s like for social workers in modern day America.

Publication expected for Winter 2018/Spring 2019.