Stand up for Social Work book

Stand up for Social Work: Coming in 2017

  • The first ever book successfully crowd-funded by the worldwide Social Work community
  • Stand up for Social Work tells the story of those on the front-line of practice, the tales that are so often lost
  • Workers, politicians, academics and service users all coming together to give their account of Social Work
  • The real life tales of how the most vulnerable people in society are protected from harm
  • Those who we work for telling their side of the story about how Social Work helped improve their lives
  • Stand up for Social Work take you across the world as we learn what it’s like to practice in other nations
  • Each chapter picks up with another person as we find out what it’s like to be in their shoes
  • Follow the progress of the book and get the latest updates via the Kickstarter project page 

Social Work student survival guideThe Social Work Student Survival Guide: Coming in September 2017

  • The Social Work Student Survival Guide is due to be published by September 2017
  • Everything you need to succeed as a student and get the job of your dreams
  • An easy to understand and accessible guide to your Social Work course and future career
  • Straight-forward guides to theory, legislation, guidance and frameworks that everyone can understand
  • Tips on how to structure your assignments, plan your study time and work effectively in groups
  • Created in partnership with students, academics and professionals

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