6th January 2019

You Will Use This Book Every Single Day You’re at Work

The 2nd Edition of The Child’s World has been my Social Work Bible throughout the best part of the past decade. This new edition is a […]
2nd January 2019

9.7% of Social Work Students are in Default for their Student Loans

A U.S Department of Education report has shown that 9.7% of Institute for Clinical Social Work students, in Chicago Illinois, are in default Established in 1981, […]
1st January 2019

Library Hires Social Worker to Help Homeless Visitors

A library in Colorado Springs has hired Alicia Kwande to help provide outreach community services to homeless visitors Alica Kwande is just your everyday Community Resource […]
29th December 2018

‘Nightmare’ workload made social worker quit ‘dream job’

Victoria Shaw, from Hull, tells local press that she was ‘thrown into the deep end’ and had to walk away from her ‘dream job’ because she […]
28th December 2018

Social Worker Leaves $11 Million Estate to Children’s Charities

Alan Naiman, a 63 year-old social worker from Washington state, passed away from cancer in January 2018; leaving his $11 million estate to local children’s charities […]
6th January 2019

The Social Worker who told David Cameron to ‘F**k off’

In our ‘Looking Back’ series, we return to the case of the social worker who was taken to the HCPC after telling David Cameron to ‘f**k […]
8th January 2019

Ten Lessons About Social Work From Hamilton

Almost four years after its Broadway debut, Hamilton remains one of the hottest tickets in town. Social Work Tutor looks at the lessons that this musical […]
8th January 2019

So Long, Smartphone!

Matt Bee is taking the plunge in 2019 and going low tech. Could you do the same? I’VE just done something crazy. Some people would call me un-hinged. I’ve binned my […]