You know you’re friends with a Social Worker when…

You know you’re friends with a Social Worker when…

You always get asked how you’re feeling

Your Social Work friend was probably one of the most caring people you knew even before they became a Social Worker, but since they qualified they’re even more attuned to your emotions. If you’re friends with a Social Worker you’ll always have someone there to check in on you and see that you’re doing okay.

You can’t get away with lying

Now I’m not accusing you of lying… but if you ever do try and get away with a little white lie, your Social Worker friend will pick up on it. We spend each and every day working with people which means we learn to become very good judges of characters and readers of non-verbal communication.

You get told what you can’t call your kids

Social Workers interact with loads of people in our work and this means we come across a lot of different names. Not only will your Social Worker friend give you tips on names that are becoming really common, but they will likely hint at avoiding names that remind them of particularly difficult or traumatic cases.

You no longer hear about work stories

Before you were friends with a Social Worker, you were friends with someone who probably loved talking about their work and who you could gossip with about what you’d been up to at your job. Data Protection and HIPAA rules mean that those days are over and there’s no more work gossip to hear about!

You get offered advice all the time (even if you don’t ask for it) 

Given that we spent our days assessing people’s problems and putting in place plans to address them, we get kind of used to giving out advice to people. If you’re friends with a Social Worker then you likely get this advice whether you want it or not. But, trust me, your friend is looking out for you and you should heed their words.

You start to learn a lot more about how oppressive a lot of old movies and sayings are

Training to be a Social Worker introduces you to a whole new way of thinking in terms of structural oppression and discrimination. Get used to your Social Work friend telling you that all your favourite old movies are sexist, racist and offensive. You’ll also find out just how many sayings and turns of phrase are totally not cool in the 21st Century.

Plans get cancelled all the time

Despite all of the above bonuses you get from being friends with a Social Worker, you might have forgotten what they look like because you haven’t seen them in years. This is because Social Workers can end up working really late on a regular basis and our days are unpredictable. Your friend still cares, it’s just they sometimes have other people who need them more.

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