You know you’re living with a Social Worker when…

You know you’re living with a Social Worker when…

Social Workers are a fantastically peculiar bunch of people and sharing a home with them can be a strange experience. Here are just a few of the things that you’ll relate to if you’re living with a Social Worker…

There’s a mobile phone that looks like it was made in the year 2002 lying around the house. This phone never has any battery charge on it

There is a constant supply of wine and chocolate in the kitchen

You start hearing weird words you’ve never heard before- like ‘intervention’, ‘marginalise’ and ’empower’- in everyday conversation and have no idea what’s being said

Sometimes you see them sat on the sofa eating ice-cream straight out of the tub and you know not to ask them how their day was

A massive bag full of notepads, paperwork, keys, security passes, chocolate, wet wipes, books and all sorts of other strange things is dumped at the bottom of your staircase

Whenever you share something about your day you are asked ‘how did that make you feel?’ and won’t be left in peace until you’ve bared your soul

There are suddenly lots of old movies you’re no longer allowed to watch because they are oppressive or are based on cultural appropriation

You never see them in daylight from Monday to Friday

Despite all of these weird things, you have a great friend/partner/family member who is always there for you…


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