I could do with a little help from my friends

Going to try with a little help from my friends.…

Just over two years ago, I started a little Facebook page called ‘Social Work Tutor’ to help keep in touch with two students I was supporting (hi Sam and Hari!). I’d always been passionate about helping students on placement and, knowing how poorly prepared my own Uni had made me for the reality of the workplace, felt I could give a little something back to the next generation of Social Workers.

I eventually set up a little part-time business helping students prepare for Uni interviews, job interviews and filling in the gaps in their learning. Hence the ‘Social Work Tutor’ moniker.

And that was all I ever thought the Social Work Tutor would be.

I’d spend a few hours every Saturday morning helping students over Skype, share articles on my Facebook page that I thought they’d be interested in and maybe make the odd funny meme here and there to show them the importance of humour. I remember one day getting over a hundred likes on a post that a few students had shared and feeling over the moon.

Two years later and here I am with a Facebook page that gets seen by up to 20.5 million people a week and a website that is often the most popular in our profession…

And, apart from the three weekly guest blogs, it’s still just me doing it all alone.

Recent events, where I felt my family were threatened and wondered if all the hours I put in are worth it, have given me reason to sit back and think about everything I’ve done over the past few years and where I want to go next.

I’ve gone way beyond supporting students (I had to give that up a year ago).

The Facebook page is far more than just my thoughts and is now feeling like a community.

This website is becoming a place to share the voices of Social Workers across the world.

It feels like I’m now at a crossroads

If I keep going the way I am, it means having to continue balancing my full-time job and family life with running the website and Facebook page every single day. I know I’m resilient, but I’m not sure how much longer I can keep doing that alone- pumping all my spare time and a fair amount of money into keeping it all going.

The other option is to hold my hands up and say ‘I can’t do this by myself any more’.

Other websites that get a similar level of traffic to mine have teams of writers, a marketing department, editors and website developers. They have sponsors, adverts and job boards to pay for all the work they do.

This is just me.

I make the website, write the blogs, run the Facebook page, come up with the memes, moderate the support group, edit the guest articles and respond to around 100 messages and emails every single day.

I’m a one man band

I love it and I’m so lucky to have such interest in my work, but I’m not sure how much longer I can keep going without a little help.

So, before it’s too late, it’s now time to ask for a little help so I can take the next step forward in this journey.

I would be so grateful if there is anyone out there who is able to offer help such as:

  • Sponsoring the website
  • Sponsoring/helping to produce a new video podcast I’m developing
  • Sponsoring a new resource library
  • Sponsoring a free training and service directory
  • Sponsoring articles and blogs
  • Providing banner adverts
  • Offering job adverts
  • Helping to design a new website
  • Providing products for a new shopping section
  • Helping to find resources, services and training to share
  • Providing training resources and videos for Social Workers and students
  • Organising a Social Work Tutor guest speaking/lecturing tour
  • Writing regular articles for the website
  • Moderating the Facebook group

The past two years have been wonderful, but if I want to move forward (or even find the energy to keep going at my current pace), I can’t do it all by myself any longer.

If you can offer a little help in any way at all, or know somebody who can, please get in touch by emailing me at: swt@socialworktutor.com

As always, thank you for your interest in my efforts and for all your wonderful support.



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