20th January 2019

Marie Kondo wouldn’t put up with this if she was a social worker

The mantle clock says it’s 6:45pm on this bitterly cold January night and I want to be back home Through a gap in the middle of […]
8th January 2019

So Long, Smartphone!

Matt Bee is taking the plunge in 2019 and going low tech. Could you do the same? I’VE just done something crazy. Some people would call me un-hinged. I’ve binned my […]
6th January 2019

When Should I Start Applying for my First Social Work job?

With final-year placements coming to an end this academic year and graduation in sight, Social Work Tutor looks at when students should start applying for their […]
29th December 2018

‘Nightmare’ workload made social worker quit ‘dream job’

Victoria Shaw, from Hull, tells local press that she was ‘thrown into the deep end’ and had to walk away from her ‘dream job’ because she […]
28th December 2018

Social Worker Leaves $11 Million Estate to Children’s Charities

Alan Naiman, a 63 year-old social worker from Washington state, passed away from cancer last year; leaving his $11 million estate to local children’s charities Those […]