Parents convicted after faking baby Imani Wiltshire’s death on London bus

Parents convicted after faking baby Imani Wiltshire’s death on London bus

Two parents who staged and disguised the death of their 16-week old daughter by pretending she had died on a London bus, hours after her death came in their care, have today been convicted at the Old Bailey of causing or allowing her death.

The mother, Rosalin Baker aged 25, and, father Jeffrey Wiltshire aged 52, had sought to deny murdering their daughter Imani Witlshire in September 2016.

The pair were acquitted of murder by Judge Nicholas Hilliard, but convicted of causing or allowing Imani’s death in their care.

At the time of her death, Imani Wiltshire was found to have multiple injuries about her little body. These included a fractured skull, more than 40 rib fractures and a broken wrist. She had also suffered brain damage.

Imani, who was known to children’s services, had been attacked at least three times in the week running up to her death. These attacks would have caused her “very significant pain and distress” from her arm being twisted, chest being squeezed and having to endure being thrown against a hard surface.

As a reminder, this little girl was only 16-weeks old when she suffered these attacks that would end her life.

Giving evidence, Imani’s mother claimed she found her daughter dead at the bottom of her bed and blamed her partner. In response to these claims, she was told by Jeffrey Wiltshire that “it’s all your fault, I told you to give her up for adoption”.

Before this point, neither parent had sough any form of medical advice or support for their daughter’s “very serious and painful injuries” in the week running up to her death.

In the immediate aftermath, the couple came up with a plan to disguise their daughter’s death by pretending she had fallen ill on a public bus route. In Court, Rosalin Baker claimed that her violent and drug addicted partner forced her to enact this plan that saw her dressing her dead daughter, placing her in a sling and carrying the lifeless little body around London. It was only after going to a shop and sitting calmly on a bus with her dead daughter cradled in a sling for 20 minutes that Rosalin Baker faked the discovery of her daughter suddenly falling ill.

Boasting of fathering 25 children by many different women, Imani’s father denied forcing this plan upon his partner in Court and said “”I’m not a life taker, I’m a baby maker.”

The guilty pair have both been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on the 18th of May.

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