Social Worker jailed for 14 years for rape and other child sex offences

Abdul Khan- a registered Social Worker with almost three decades of experience in Social Work, education and youth justice- has been been jailed for a total of 14 years for a string of horrifying sexually abuses against a child.

Khan, aged 55, groomed, molested and raped a vulnerable young girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

In March he was found guilty of 18 charges, all relating to sexual abuse, during a trial at Teesside Crown Court.

He was convicted of eleven counts of indecent assault against the girl, six acts of indecency with a child, and rape.

Abdul Khan had denied all charges brought against him.

Abdul Khan began his Social Work career in Middlesbrough, but his online jobs profile shows how he also worked in Stockton, Durham and throughout the Tees Valley.

A prominent anti-oppressive campaigner in the North-East of England, Khan was the CEO of the Black Minority Ethnic Community Organisations Network (BECON). In his work for BECON, Khan was quoted as being “deeply committed to addressing inequalities”.

Worryingly, the HCPC register shows that he continues to be a registered Social Worker.

During his trial, Teesside Crown Court heard how Abdul Khan subjected his victim to a catalogue of sexual and physical assaults.

He told the girl that the sexual and physical abuse was a secret she had to keep.

He told the girl that there would be consequences if she spoke out about what he was doing to her.

He told the girl that, even if she did share her ordeals, nobody would believe her.

Groomed, manipulated and controlled by Khan, the girl kept her childhood trauma to herself for over ten years before sharing her abuse with a doctor, counsellor and people close to her.

Now a mother herself, the survivor of Abdul Khan’s abuse has described his actions as leaving her “distraught, terrified, traumatised and absolutely broken”. The long-term emotional harm caused by Khan’s abuse resulted in her being sick, suffering from panic attacks and having many sleepless nights.

When the allegations were put to him in court, Khan claimed that it was he who was the victim in this situation; going on to state that the allegations were ‘false and malicious’ and that there was ‘no truth in them’.

He categorically stated that not one of the alleged crimes really happened and that he engaged in no sexual activity whatsoever with the girl.

He accused the survivor of his sexual abuse as being ‘dishonest’, a ‘fantasist’ and of ‘making it all up’.

In handing down the sentence last week, Judge Stephen Ashurst said:

“It is quite clear that over a period of seven years you abused (your victim) sexually on a continuous basis”

“A dark cloud hung over her while she kept quiet about the torment and abuse you perpetrated on her”

“Throughout this matter she felt degraded and unable to share her secret with others”

“You treated this girl as an object for sexual gratification. She was vulnerable and you exploited her vulnerability.”

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