‘God will look after me’, watch the moment a social worker drives to safety through Storm Eleanor

A 28-year old social worker from Donegal in north-west Ireland has spoken out after being caught on camera driving her car through a submerged promenade as Storm Eleanor raged all about her.

In an interview with the Irish Times, social worker Selina Callaghan has spoken out after the video of her driving across a surging waterline towards safety went viral on social media this week.

Selina explained how she had been celebrating the new year in Galway with friends as Storm Eleanor came upon her whilst they were waiting to leave a beachfront car park. With winds of up to 100mph causing thousands of homes to lose power, the storm had resulted in major damage all across Ireland and was now about her.

Speaking about escaping to safety from the car park she was at risk of getting trapped in, Selina described it “like a walk in the park” and explained how she was “cool, calm and collected” when making her getaway.

“I feel close to God there. I know that he will look after me. I don’t need to fear”

Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire
Discussing the events that lead up to her dramatic escape, Selina recalled how “it happened that quick, by the time we parked there literally the waves were coming, the water was getting deeper and deeper, nearly coming into our cars. The panic stations were on for my friend. I was like, ‘just relax'”.

Selina has shared that her Christian faith helped her cope with what was she facing and how “by the grace of God I get through everything. I love the beach because it makes me calm, I feel close to God there. I know that he will look after me, I don’t need to fear”.

In response to online criticism that she put herself in danger, Selina said “I would not put myself in a risky situation, I am literally heading out of a risky situation, I am not putting myself at any form of risk.”

Watch Selina’s dramatic escape from Storm Eleanor here

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