Social Workers to be re-branded as Happy Helpers

Government officials have today announced bold new plans to give our profession a drastic makeover by bestowing the title of Happy Helper on registered Social Workers.

Speaking exclusively to a key Government official has revealed new plans that are coming into place on the 1st of April:

“We’ve listened to feedback from the Social Work community regarding their concerns about unmanageable caseloads, stagnating wages, poor computer systems and a lack of early intervention services. Our research has shown that the problem doesn’t lie in the system but in the public image of Social Workers. In order to change that image we are proposing to get rid of the protected title of ‘Social Worker’ and replace it with ‘Happy Helper'”

“Our innovative research has shown that members of the public will be more inclined to work with people called Happy Helpers and this will project a more positive image of the great work that Social Workers achieve”

“Advice from people who haven’t stepped foot inside a Social Work office for years is that the Happy Helper title will also lead to less stress, reduced burnout and lower sickness rates”

We can also reveal that other re-branding will be brought in which will see the following new terminology is use:

Chronologies will now be referred to as: Happy Histories 

Assessments must now be known as: Awesomements

Safeguarding plans are to be called: Little safety nets of joy

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